Evolution of a Portrait

The inspiration photo
Oct. 1, 2007: the charcoal sketch
November, 2007: Adding the Verdaccio
January, 2008

February, 2008: Close up of the gorgeous moonstone pearls

I removed the entire necklace because it didn't hang correctly and replaced it
. I never could quite get the original luminosity of the stones. 

The version below is "as good as it gets" on July 4, 2008
Gritty editing

Ortonish editing
Adjustment Threshold (editing) I thought this version was interesting

Beginning to add color, July 29

From then, as I added color, things seem to fall apart..  I am so glad that we documented the progression. Yes, I am putting my mistakes out there for all to see. The biggest mistake I made was not getting the proportions correct before I began adding paint. 

October, 2008

December, 2008 (as it stands now)

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