Monday, December 22, 2008

Flower Exercises

This won a prize in the Ogden Palette Club Show....
These four paintings were done as studies to learn some new techniques I wanted to try. Each was painted from a photograph taken by a family member.

Wild Rose, 6" x 8" on canvas board, available framed $350

Yellow Lily with Bachelor Buttons 6" x 8" on canvas board (SOLD)

Desert Primrose, 6" x 8" on canvas...available framed $350

Snapdragons Over Purple Petunias, 6" X 8" oil on canvas, available framed $350


Canyonsrcool said...

Again, I like your style. Really great stuff. Keep it comin'.

Pulcheria said...

You have a great talent. This sounds like a challenging technique and I'm not surprised at all that you tried it and were so successful!

Sayyadina said...