Monday, June 15, 2009

Valley Fog

The painting is 16" X 20" in oil on canvas. It is loosely based on an old Kodak advertising photo that appears to be of the Smoky Mountain country in the Appalachians. I changed the far horizon to give it more of a southwestern look. The photo above shows the first washes laid in.

Mid-ground details are added and forms for the foreground shapes are beginning.

Further mid-ground details were added and colors added to the fog in the valleys.

Foreground details added, trees, plants, and fog in front of the trees along the bottom of the painting. These details were not picked up in this photograph, but are visible to the natural eye. The sky was reworked to show more cloud detail.
For sale for $495, framed. (the framed print is pictured at the top of this post.) No prints will be made of this painting.

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Sayyadina said...

Beautiful work, Father-in-law!